Proclaiming Good News to All Generations

Join a Fix-Up Work Team

Our new building is almost ready to move in to. Remodeling construction is finished, the church sign is in place, the parking lot is newly resurfaced and lighted, the sanctuary chairs have been cleaned, the walls, ceilings, window coverings, and vents throughout the building have been wiped down and vacuumed, and carpets will be deep cleaned and sanitized this Tuesday. Though we are still not sure when Opening Sunday will be, now it is time to get moved in and set up. A Kitchen Team, a Nursery Team, a Foyer Team, and a Bathrooms Team are being formed, and Team captains will be announced this Sunday, June 24. Volunteers are needed to complete simple and specific two-to-three-hour projects over the next two weeks.

We have returned to one Sunday morning worship service at 11:00 am. Come join us in person or click here to watch the livestream.