Proclaiming Good News to All Generations

Prayer Requests for the OPC Mission in Uruguay

1. Plead with the Lord to soften and change hearts as the missionaries share gospel truths in love.
2. Ask the Lord to send TWO Christian, Uruguayan families who desire to be part of our reformed church work.
3. Ask the Lord to bear lasting fruit from our current outreach efforts: English conversation classes, a reformed book table, VBS and a weekly Spanish Bible Study.
4. Pray for Markus Jeromin and his family as they raise funds to continue working with us as Missionary Associates for the next two years.
5. Ask the Lord to continue advancing the missionaries in their Spanish skills.
6. Pray for our families’ oldest daughters, Rebecca Call and Sabrina Richline as they settle back into American life and begin their college studies.

We have returned to one Sunday morning worship service at 11:00 am. Come join us in person or click here to watch the livestream.